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Do you lather, rinse, and repeat when washing your hair? Or is one lather plenty? If you are like me, once is enough, and the repeat, an ad agency’s idea to increase sales, is simply a waste of product. How much are you wasting by using too much, even when following the recommended amount on the package?

Not wanting to waste products or money, I have been keeping this idea in mind and trying to increase the lifespan of consumable products by using less of them. So was born the 10% rule: Can I use 10% less and have an equally pleasing result? Yes? How about 20%? And so on until I’ve hit the lowest amount that hits my desired result.

I write the starting date when I open a new package or start a new bottle, and try to get 10% more days out of that product. I have been surprised to find that by intentionally using less, I have nearly doubled the length of time a bottle of dishwasher detergent lasts. It takes just half the recommended amount to get my dishes clean.

The same thing happened with shampoo; my last bottle lasted almost twice as long as the bottle before it, and my hair is still clean. Conditioner is lasting even longer.

Try it! Use 10% less toothpaste tonight and see if your teeth still feel clean. Use 10% less than that tomorrow morning. Spray 10% less window cleaner and notice if the streaks are still gone. Add 10% less laundry detergent; are the stains still gone?

It doesn’t sound like much, but saving just 10% of your consumable products could add up quickly. If you spend $100 a month on consumable goods, saving 10% leaves an extra $120 in your pocket!

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